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Venti-Light CO2-meter/indicator

Venti-Light CO2-meter/indicator

  • Accurate CO2 meter / indicator
  • Equipped with 3 LED traffic light alert
  • It is also equipped with temperature sensor
  • Favorable pricing



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In addition to the physical quantities temperature and relative humidity is also the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in recent years increasingly regarded as a parameter, which largely determines the quality of the indoor climate. The CO2 level is a good measure of the degree of ventilation in a room. Especially in buildings where many people come together, such as offices, meeting halls, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, cinemas, theaters and care centers, it is important that there is proper ventilation. In these buildings the air quality is often not as good as it should be.

The Venti-Light is the practical CO2 signal indicator which warns against ventilation problems in good time. The coloured LEDs on the front form a “stoplight” signal providing a clear indication of the level at which a room is being ventilated. The display shows the temperature in addition to current CO2 level.

The measurement principle is based on NDIR techniques (non-dispersive infra red). The Venti-Light is fi tted with the patented ABC-LogicTM self-calibrating function; it compensates for drift caused by sensor ageing and guarantees excellent long-term stability and low maintenance costs.


Relative humidity sensor:
Range: 5% . . . 95%

Common specifications


Weight: 380 g
Dimensions: 130 x 90 x 40 mm (b x h x d)
Supply: 24 Vac

Sensor type: NDIR single beam CO2 sensor
Measurement range: 0-5000 ppm (adjustable to 20,000 ppm)

Sensor type: NTC-Thermistor
Measurement range: 0-50 °C
Accuracy: ± 0,5 °C

Limit values:
(standard setting)
Green: 0-1000 ppm
Orange: 1000-1400 ppm
Red: >1400 ppm

Limit values are adjustable with operating keys
(can be safeguarded)

Calibration: The Venti-Light requires very little maintenance
due to the unique self-calibrating function in
the sensor.

This sensor is easily verified under outside air conditions (approx. 350-400 ppm).


Health, schools and kindergardens

Research has shown that the air quality in schools and kindergartens is far below the mark. …

Data centre, telecommunication and cleanrooms

Data and telecom spaces have increasingly more difficulty to control the cooling of the established ICT equipment. Because more and more power-using computer systems can be placed in a System or 19" rack, the specific heat load rises per m2 computer room. By timely handling of heat problems costly downtime can be avoided.

Laboratories (GMP / GLP)

Within a laboratory, the conditions of the room in which scientific research and experiments are kept have to fall within certain limits. In addition to the space conditions the temperature is recorded and monitored for refrigerators and freezers, CO2 braise, sterilization equipment, disinfection equipment etc.



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