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Wireless transmitter equipped with integrated temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor

Wireless transmitter equipped with integrated temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor

  • Robust wireless temperature sensor
  • Equipped with internal temperature sensor
  • Communications by 868 MHz frequency band
  • Several configuration options, such as linking to the ATM monitoring systems


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Various radio standards are available for wireless transmission of measured data to a central point for storage, monitoring and presentation. In developing the ATAL WirelessProbe series, the non-licensed 868 MHz frequency band was selected so that large distances can be reliably bridged (enclosed space 50 – 80 m).This renders cabling superfluous and allows appreciable savings in installation costs. The ATAL WirelessProbe series consists of a so-called base station and various sensor models with an integrated transmitter. A maximum of 99 sensors can be combined with one base station. The base station has an internal memory for 100,000 measured values and can collect data stand-alone without PC. If contrary to expectation communication is interrupted, 10,000 measured values can be stored locally (temporarily) in the transmitter’s internal memory. As soon as communication is restored, the base station memory is topped up.

For measurement of the main comfort parameters temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide (CO2) is now also a wireless sensor available, the WHTC-205. The sensor is implemented in a robust housing and suitable for wall mounting.


Type sensor elements: Internally, digital

Sensor Range: 0 to 50°C / 10-95% RH / 0-2000 ppm

Resolution: 0.1°C / 0.1% RH / 1 ppm

Accuracy: ± 1°C (from 0 to 40°C) / ± 3% RH (from 20 to 80%) / ± 40 ppm + 3% of measuring value at 22°C

Supply voltage: 8-12Vdc (not suitable for battery power)

Dimensions cabinet: 96x134x52,5mm, suitable for wall mounting

Common specifications transmitters

Operating temperature: -20 to 80 °C
Supply: Battery 1 x AA etc.
Housing: IP65, grey
Dimensions: 88 x 120 x 36mm
Approval: R&TTE, CE
Configuration: With Atal Sensor Trend software
Frequency band: 868-870 MHz (915MHZ US)
Radio standard: ETS 300 220
Open field range: 1000 m (enclosed space 50-80 m)
Aerial: Internal
-Measurement interval (m): As from 1 sec./max. 99 sec./standard 10 sec. (adjustable by PC)
-Transmission interval (z): As from 5 sec./max. 5mm/standard 10 sec. (adjustable by PC)
Memory: 10,000 measured values (applicable if transmitter and receiver are used separately)
Alarm: Adjustable min. and max. limit values (applicable if transmitter and receiver are used separately)
Optional: External supply


Agri- & Horticulture

Temperature and moisture differences in the greenhouse lead to production losses and a high energy consumption. Moisture and temperature sensors with high accuracy and stability are therefore an important element in ensuring the proper conditions in the greenhouse.

Health, schools and kindergardens

Research has shown that the air quality in schools and kindergartens is far below the mark. …

Data centre, telecommunication and cleanrooms

Data and telecom spaces have increasingly more difficulty to control the cooling of the established ICT equipment. Because more and more power-using computer systems can be placed in a System or 19" rack, the specific heat load rises per m2 computer room. By timely handling of heat problems costly downtime can be avoided.



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