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Wireless transmitter equipped with integrated temperature sensor Pt100 (3-wires)

Wireless transmitter equipped with integrated temperature sensor Pt100 (3-wires)

  • Robust wireless temperature sensor
  • Equipped with external Pt100 sensor
  • Communications by 868 MHz frequency band
  • Several configuration options, such as linking to the ATM monitoring systems


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For the wireless transmission of measurement data to a central point for storage, monitoring and presenting measurement data various radio standards are available. With the development of the Wireless Probe ATAL-series there was chosen for the license free 868 MHz frequency band, whereby reliably great distances can be bridged (indoor 50 to 80 meters). Because of the low energy consumption of the transmitter technology a battery life of about 3 years can be guaranteed. Thereby wiring is unnecessary and you could be saving significantly on installation costs. The ATAL-Wireless-Probe Series consists of a so-called Base Station and various sensor models with an integrated transmitter. Up to 99 sensors with 1 base station are combined. The base station has an internal memory for 100,000 measurements and can stand-alone collect data without a PC. If communication is being interrupted, then 10,000 local measurements (temporarily) are stored in internal memory of the transmitter. when the communication is resumed, the memory of the base station is being completed.

The WTT-202A is a battery-operated wireless temperature sensor. The sensor is suitable for connection with an external sensor Pt100.

The external sensor must be ordered separately (see accessories).


Sensor Range: -50 to 200°C
Conditions electronics: -20 to 80°C
Resolution: 0.1°C
Accuracy: ± 0.5°C (from -0 to 100°C)
Sensor: Pt100 (3-wires)
Probe: external

Common specifications transmitters

Operating temperature: -20 to 80 °C
Supply: Battery 1 x AA etc.
Housing: IP65, grey
Dimensions: 88 x 120 x 36mm
Approval: R&TTE, CE
Configuration: With Atal Sensor Trend software
Frequency band: 868-870 MHz (915MHZ US)
Radio standard: ETS 300 220
Open field range: 1000 m (enclosed space 50-80 m)
Aerial: Internal
-Measurement interval (m): As from 1 sec./max. 99 sec./standard 10 sec. (adjustable by PC)
-Transmission interval (z): As from 5 sec./max. 5mm/standard 10 sec. (adjustable by PC)
Memory: 10,000 measured values (applicable if transmitter and receiver are used separately)
Alarm: Adjustable min. and max. limit values (applicable if transmitter and receiver are used separately)
Optional: External supply


  1. Lithium 3,6V battery (no wires)
    • Spare 3,6V battery for ATX/ATV data recorder
    • AA
    • type (no wires)



For a good and efficient operation of the refrigerating equipment registration is necessary. Checking switch on / switch off times and control behavior can easily be established through registration.

Food production and distribution (HACCP)

HACCP is a hygiene code for the food industry and stands for Hazzard Analysis Critical Control Points. The biggest factor that affects the decay of food is the temperature and thereby the growth of micro-organisms

Agri- & Horticulture

Temperature and moisture differences in the greenhouse lead to production losses and a high energy consumption. Moisture and temperature sensors with high accuracy and stability are therefore an important element in ensuring the proper conditions in the greenhouse.

Health, schools and kindergardens

Research has shown that the air quality in schools and kindergartens is far below the mark. …

Data centre, telecommunication and cleanrooms

Data and telecom spaces have increasingly more difficulty to control the cooling of the established ICT equipment. Because more and more power-using computer systems can be placed in a System or 19" rack, the specific heat load rises per m2 computer room. By timely handling of heat problems costly downtime can be avoided.


In various industrial applications, the monitoring from processes are essential. Thus, for example, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest users of moisture measuring equipment. Most drugs are sensitive to variations in moisture levels, so this should be monitored and measured so that the finished products are consistent in quality and performance.

Laboratories (GMP / GLP)

Within a laboratory, the conditions of the room in which scientific research and experiments are kept have to fall within certain limits. In addition to the space conditions the temperature is recorded and monitored for refrigerators and freezers, CO2 braise, sterilization equipment, disinfection equipment etc.



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