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AT-HD4V3TS4, Precisie omni-directionele luchtsnelheidssensor (0,05 tot 5 m/s)

  • - Luchtsnelheidssensor geschikt voor lage luchtsnelheden
  • - Aan te sluiten op een datalogger (bijv. ATV-IAQ) voor onderzoek naar tochtklachten
  • - Wordt geleverd incl. statief en beschermkorf (80mm)
  • - Bereik 0,05 tot 5m/s, bijzonder nauwkeurig

The HD4V3TS4 is a precision omni-directional air velocity sensor specially designed for low speed applications and research in indoor climate. The HD4V3TS4 is very accurate omni-directional hot-wire sensor and can be used in applications from 0,05 to 5 m/s. De sensor is suitable for use in environments from -20 to 80C.

The 0-10V output signal from the thermoelectrical probe can be connected to any datalogger with an analog input. The popular ATV-IAQ can be used to monitor and record temperatuur, RH, CO2 and air velocity. ATAL supplies the air velocity sensor complete including tripod and protection cage.

Range: 0,05 to 5 m/s
0,04 m/s (from 0,05 to 0,99 m/s)
0,2 m/s (from 1 to 5 m/s)
Output signal: 0-10Vdc
Power supply: 16-40Vdc or 24Vac

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